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    If you're not getting the results you want in your entrepreneurial business, then let's connect. I can show you a proven methods that will result in you GAINING an additional 4 Hours of productivity, each and every day. What would you do with an additional 4 hours?


    The Automation Master

    ✔ Author
    ✔ Speaker
    ✔ LIVE TV Show Host

    ✔ Business Transformation Trainer
    ✔ Master NLP Coach
    ✔ Master Success Coach
    ✔ Hypnosis Coach

    - Want to surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs?

    - Want to automate key components of your business?
    - Want to learn from someone who has already achieved success?
    - Want to learn from someone who does what he says, and says what he does?
    - Want to develop a rock-solid, champion mindset?

    ✔ You will receive training & services by top experts
    ✔ You will be involved in a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    ✔ You will be able to model success instantly!


    - You want greater success for yourself and your business

    - You want to improve your overall performance, both physically and mentally

    - You want to get more done faster, and better than ever before
    - You want to effortless rid yourself of Fear and Limiting Beliefs that are holding you back




    Reach Your Peak LLC

    Founder / CEO

    2017 – Present


    Our mission at Reach Your Peak LLC is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners by providing the training and skills that will help you to “stop guessing” and to achieve higher levels of success at a rapid pace.


    The Founder, Brian Kelly (aka “The Automation Master”) has a wealth of proven experience in the areas of business automation, professional speaking, advanced mindset techniques, and marketing prowess.   He believes in collaboration over competition.  Those who become clients of Reach Your Peak LLC aren’t just clients, they become family.


    Global Fitness Club


    2012 – 2019



    Helping entrepreneurs and busy business professionals to achieve peak performance both physically and mentally via breakthrough programs.



    Entrepreneur Revolution LIVE Event - by Success Academy

    Success Academy

    Trainer / Faculty

    2012 – 2016


    Business Coach, Mindset Development

    Committed to supporting entrepreneurs in transitioning from corporate to following their passions by getting out of the regular 9-to-5 mentality.

    eTravel Unlimited

    eTravel Plus / eTravel Unlimited

    Vice President of Operations

    2000 – 2006



    Operations, Website Development, Database Management, Agent Relations

    Boeing / Lockheed / Northrop

    BAE Systems / Raytheon

    AIL Systems / Paramax

    Librascope / California Microwave

    Software Engineering Consultant 

    1988 – 2015


    Design, Develop, Test and Management of real-time software applications on a large variety of platforms




    "Effort In Equals Results Out!"



    Entrepreneur Revolution LIVE Event - by Success Academy

    Success Academy

    Mindset & Business Building Mastery

    2012 - 2016

    California State University-Long Beach

    Bachelor of Science Degree Computer Science/Math 

    1984 - 1987



    Antelope Valley College

    Associate of Arts Degree Computer Science

    1982 - 1984



  • What Others Are Saying


    David Fagan

    Founder - Icon Builder Media

    Brian Kelly is one of the most intelligent and authentic guys I know. He could sell Girl Scout cookies or trips to the moon...either way, I'm in!

    Allan Pollett, SEO Guru

    SEO Consultant, SEO Web Marketing, SEO Consulting, SMM at Yioop!

    Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His insights and vision are remarkable. It was a pleasure working with him.

    Deb DiBiasie ND

    Boutique Web Marketing Agency

    Brian Kelly not only looks good on the outside, his genuine, trustworthy approach to life radiates from the inside. He truly cares about people first. His love and dedication towards the social marketing industry is based on supporting his dedicated followers with social marketing tips and strategies. I am honored to be able to call him a true friend.


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